Sunday, March 2, 2014

Community Service Day

Today was our community service day.  The entire IBM CSC India 22 team headed over to Swabhimaan school to run a half day activity for the school children which included activities in English, memory games, physical education games, problem solving, and general education.  We arrived at the school and divided all the children into teams.  Then team by team the students went to different stations to complete an activity where they would get a stamp for completing it.  At the end they were all rewarded with certificates and lollipops for their great efforts.  They were very excited to have us there, and had a great time with my camera which I allowed them to use to take some pictures until the battery died.
P1040100P1040098P1040082P1040071P1040059P1040051P1040043P1040035P1040031P1040025P1040024P1040012P1040005P1040001P1030997P1030995P1030991P1030983P1030980P1030979After the community service we were taken for a late lunch, and then continued working at the hotel until quite late.   After 8:30pm the team split up with some going to the local food spot across the street and some going to Brewmaster.
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