Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Second last day in Ludhiana Bharti Office and Dinner with Swabhimaan

Early rise and to the office (only two of the three as Bernardo was not feeling well).  We were hoping to do our “almost final” presentation to the local office on Wednesday, but it turned out that the schedule was accelerated a bit and we had to do it today.  It obviously was not done, but we showed what we had so far and the presentation went well.  We worked till the end of the day at which time we had a surprise.  Since Mr. Pankaj (one of the key people who was working with us) was going away that evening for a few days they threw us a mini good-bye party in the cafeteria.
There were very touching speeches from the office friends we have made over the weeks, which made us feel really thankful for the opportunity we had to share this experience.  We had delicious cake, and we also received very nice framed pictures of the golden temple.  Unfortunately Bernardo wasn’t here to see it but I recorded it for him.
After work we picked up some flowers, juice, and chocolate covered fruit and headed for dinner to the residence of Mr. Kumar (Swabhimaan).  The trip there was an adventure, the auto-rickshaw driver (as usual) missed the neighborhood completely, and when we finally steered him to it he raced around not even trying to find the number.  By the way the numbers here are crazy.  There is a neighborhood, no street names though, and there are numbers which don’t seem to follow a steady pattern.  They can be going up on one side of the street, then down on the other, and sometimes the numbers will just “randomly” turn into a street…sometimes left, sometimes right.

The dinner was delicious and the host very gracious.  After dinner some people sang, and then we took pictures and went back to the hotel.

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