Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Day with the Whole India 22 CSC Team

We got to the office in the morning.  We had 4 big gift bags of gifts for the four schools we visited and also many small ones for our friends at the office.  I picked up pictures we had left for printing the day before as well.  The whole day was spent hard at work, we barely had time for lunch.  At the end of the day we invited everyone to the cafeteria and thanked everyone and presented them with bags which had mostly souvenirs from the countries we came from (Brazil, Canada, Italy).  We once again thanked everyone and were in turn thanked, and we departed the office for the last time.
In the evening we were invited by the hotel manager, Mr. Ram Kaushik for drinks at the Neptune lounge on the 6th floor, and after that for dinner at the hotel restaurant.  We got to meet the heads of the hotel departments and thank them very much for such great service during our stay.
After the restaurant we had a debrief session with Shruti (Pyxera) and got to share some very valuable and honest feedback about the logistics, the assignments, Ludhiana, and generally everything related to our CSC adventure.  It was a late night and we went to sleep after 1am.  Tomorrow we depart for Gurgoan.

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