Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A warm spring Tuesday

It seems like late spring here in Ludhiana for the past few days.  The day temperature is reaching 26 degrees Celsius with today being no exception.    We departed for the office early morning and got right into work.   We split the project into 3 parts and each one of us started working on their part.  By late lunchtime we realized that we have worked throughout the whole morning and one of our Bharti colleagues made sure to mention that we should have taken a chai brake.  We went for lunch to the usual spot which is the same as previous day.
After lunch we continued our work and left the office at the end of the day.  There was some traffic disruptions today (CM visit?) and we were waiting a bit for our driver.  We asked to be dropped off at a super market on the way back.  There we bough educational aids, erasers, markers, crayons and candy for children at the schools we visited and also some things for the children taking part in the community service engagement this Friday.   We got back to the hotel and went out to eat at a local outdoor Dhaba.
After the Dhaba I went to pick up my jacket and shirt, and then came back to the hotel.   Another late night, time to go to sleep as we have activities planned the rest of the week and weekend.
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