Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday February 10th

Today we met up at 9am in the team room (711) to perform a team building exercise.  Each person drew something about themselves and then shared with the team their background, IBM background, reason for taking part in CSC, and interesting stories.  Time passed quickly and at 11am we were ready to go meet our clients.  Each of the client teams met with their respective counterparts, and then the official opening was kicked-off by Mamtha Sharma, the Head of Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs for IBM India.  After all the official introductions we enjoyed a tasty lunch with our clients and got right to business discussing their organizations and also the SOWs (Scopes of Work) to be performed.  Once again time went by quickly and before we know it we were saying goodbye for the day and parting our ways.

Monday evening we went to a famous Punjabi restaurant with Mamtha, Shuri and Jaspreet, and there we all shared our meals (as this has become the norm here, and we get to taste many more dishes).  This was Mamtha’s last day here as she was departing the next day so the meal was a nice send off.

We slept very well after that meal :-)

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