Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ludhiana West Teacher Training

Early morning with a 7am wake up, breakfast, and departure at 8:15am for the Bharti office.  Today we were at Ludhiana West Office to take part in observation of training for teachers.  The workshop delivered is on how to teach grade 3 – 5 mathematics.  We were met by Mr. Vinay and the trainer Mr. Sayed and we all drove our to the Ludhiana West Office and training center which was about 15 minutes away.  We took the time to get to know each other better and find out some more info about the training session.  When we arrived most of the teachers were already there ready to start the education.   The trainer explained why we were there and the whole class introduced themselves one by one.  We also had a chance to introduce ourselves and thank the class for having us there.  The training was very interactive, just like the Induction training we previously attended.  We got to observe the teaching style and how the teachers reacted to different activities.  Mr. Sayed had a great control of the class and was able to spot which teachers need to be focused on more and adjusted the delivery to suit the class.  We had a great samosa and chai during the break, and a very tasty lunch.  Mr. Vinay even brought some home made food so that we could try it.  We discussed the training so far and  how the teachers are handling it.  We also had a discussion at the end of the training.  We had a chance to meet with the Ludhiana West team who were very welcoming!
We headed back to the Bharti office and then a short taxi ride back home.  Today was the last day we have our team room (711), as it is booked until Saturday for a doctors convention…. or so we thought!  It turns out that they were able to accommodate us and we do not loose the room for 4 days.  I guess I have to bring all the posters and props back :-), and Cathy has to bring back all the logoware.  Two of the teams were at a dinner tonight, and the remaining two stayed in to complete some blogs and plans for the weekend.  Agra and Shimla… here we come!  Tomorrow however we are all ready for the second day of training at Ludhiana West.

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