Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Full Work Day and Shruti's Last Day

We started the day in the team room (711).  As agreed with our clients we were going to spend the first day going over the details we received the day before, and also coming up with a strategy and an approach to the project.  We got right to work, set up a projector, and started a brain storming session.  As we were brainstorming we also did further research, identified some IBM resources we can use, and came up with a few preliminary suggestions for solutions.  We created a template for our presentations, an initial presentation, and identified requirements such as process documentation, what visits we will need to make to the classrooms, schools, and training sessions.  Other groups were out in the field or at their clients so he had a very quiet environment to complete our work.  We had lunch with Shruti where I decided to order the Pad Thai… this is where I found out that “Indian Pad Thai” is not necessarily like “Thai Pad Thai”.
Others had better luck, however the food took a really long time before it came out.  After lunch we continued working.  We finished when the other teams started returning.  Since today was Shruti’s last day before heading back to Mumbai the next day we decided to have a party in the team room.  The party was a hit and a good time was had by all.


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