Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Saturday - Catch up day

Today was a “catch up day”.  I worked on the blog and some email.  Some of the team went shopping in the morning.  I went for a long walk exploring the city and to buy some work shirts.  In the afternoon we all got together to go scraf shopping with Jaspreet.  Jaspreet has a frined who has a shop with scarves and we got a 25% discount on everything.  There were so many scarves.  Everyone ended up getting something.  I picked up 3 scarves but will likely come back for some more.
We decided not to do a big dinner since we were leaving at 7am the next day for Amritsar.  As we need to have our heads covered we arranged to get turbans the next morning with a local shop owner.  Tomorrow, the Golden Temple and the Wagah border ceremony, and many many hours on a bus.

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