Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ludhiana East Teacher Induction Training

We left in a taxi before 8am to make our way to Khanna where the Ludhiana East head office and training center is located.  We arrived a few minutes before 9am.  This trip was much better then the drive to Chandigarh, the highway had two or 3 lanes each way, and was separated by a median.  Also at that time of day there was not much traffic.  We were met by Mr. Ranjodth Singh (District Coordinator) and Mr. Pankaj Thakur (Trainer) and Mr. Harpreet Kabbye (Distict School Admninistrator).  We had a chance to ask them all kinds of questions about the training and the Ludhiana East district.  Shortly after 9am the class for the teachers (Induction training in which new teachers participate in) began and we sat in observing the process.  In our opinion the curriculum of the training and the level of interaction between the trainer and teachers were of very high quality.  The teachers interacted seamlessly with the trainer and seemed very eager to take part in the activities.  We were served a very flavorful lunch and continued observing the training.  We also had a chance to talk to the teachers.  Everyone had a high opinion of the training.
At the end of the day we made plans to come back the next day and visit some schools with Mr. Ranjodth and Mr. Harpreet.  We returned to the hotel and discussed the day.

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