Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Day at Bharti Office

At 8:30am right after breakfast we – the Bharti Foundation Team (Alessandra, Bernardo and Rafal) and Shruti departed for the Bharti Foundation office which is located in an Airtel building close to PAU (Punjab Agricultural University).  We were greeted by Mr. Vinay who showed us around the office and we were offered chai tea to get the day started.  We were set up at the workstations and configured on the network which took some tweaking.  We had a challenge to get onto both the regular and IBM network as the Bharti office connection has many services blocked.  In the end we managed to access most things.  We made a presentation to Mr. Vinay on our progress so far, and presented the requirements we will need for the SOW.  At lunch we went for nice walk in the area.
photo 2
The office was quiet that day as many people were out on assignments.  We finished off some much needed research for our project and headed back to the hotel.  For the next two days it is arranged for us to visit Ludhiana East and participate in Induction Training for new teachers.

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