Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 2 of Ludhiana West Math Training

This morning we were up and off to the Ludhiana office at 8:15am same as previous days.  From the morning until 2:30pm we attended the Math TLM training and as a bonus we had a chance to interview the teachers in the class setting and get some very helpful feedback.
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The lunch was very good and right after we had to say goodbye and head back to the Ludhiana main office where we had a meeting with the District Head - Mr. Bharatdeep,  State Head Trainer Mr. Pankaj, and Ludhiana East Trainer Mr. Vinay, and the Ludhiana Steel team (one of our other IBM CSC India 22 sister teams).  The Ludhiana Steel team requested the meeting as they are trying to help get a CSR program off the ground with that client, whereas Bharti Foundation already has gone through those difficulties and established themselves as a very respectable organization in this field.
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We finished off our day at the office after 6pm and headed back to the hotel.  There we did some more work and then went out to a shop that makes custom tailored shirts and jackets to purchase some merchandise, and then out for dinner.  We ate at an outdoor "Dharba" where we had some very tasty and spicy food, but also got to try an upcoming "Butter chicken" dish courtesy of the owner.  It was very good and we will be back next week to have it once it's out.  We finished off our day at 711 discussing some final plans for our weekend trips to Shimla and Agra (8 team members are going to Shimla, 3 to Agra - Taj Mahal).
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