Tuesday, February 18, 2014

At The Office With VP Of Bharti Foundation – Ms. Mamta Saikia

We were texting with Mr. Vinay and Mr. Pankaj from Ludhiana office the previous evening, and the plan for today was decided.  We started working from the hotel in the morning.  We analyzed our visits to Ludhiana East, did further research and created a write up on the visits.  The Bharti Foundation office was going to be minimally staffed as the VP of Bharti Foundation – Ms. Mamta Saikia was visiting Ludhiana.  She wanted to meet with our team in the afternoon.  We made our way to the office and set up at our workstations.  Shortly after Mr. Vinay and Mr. Pankaj arrived and invited us down for a celebration downstairs.  It turned out that there was a special group of teachers who just completed 5 years of employment with Bharti Foundation, and they were being recognized by the VP.  After all the festivities and once commemorative plaques were handed out we were able to take pictures with Ms. Mamta.  It turns out that it was also her 10 years at Bharti, and she was presented flowers, heart felt thank yous, and a slideshow presentations.
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After this Ms. Mamta shared with us the vision of Bharti Foundation schools, what new pilots were taking place, what changes have been planned, and finally what part we play in this overall scheme.  It was very informative for us and fortified our sense of direction in this project.  After the meeting we received lots of documentation that we previously requested and dove right into studying it.  We left the office after 6pm and headed back to the hotel.  We went for dinner with the PAU team to the restaurant where we had our first lunch in Ludhiana and ended up ordering way too much food!  So much we had to take it to go, but we ended up finding a great use for it as we gave it to a homeless older man who was happy to receive it.  Another full day over, it was time to go to sleep and rest up.  Tomorrow we head out to Ludhiana West for teacher training on grade 3 to 5 math education.

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