Monday, February 24, 2014

CSC Team Interaction Day and Departure for Shimla

This morning we met in 711 (team room) along with other teams (except for Cathy, Kazu and Eduardo who had to go do a client presentation).  We discussed our projects and finalized our SOW objectives and planned the work for the upcoming weeks.  After work the team split up, 8 of us were departing for Shimla by van, 3 going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, and 1 staying back in Ludhiana.  I was part of the Shimla trip.  The van was comfortable and the drive up to the mountains relatively uneventful (except for a stop at McDonalds, which none of us were crazy about).... but then the fun began.
We arrived at foot of the mountains when it was dark.  The road was turn after turn, all cars were on high beams, there were people, monkeys, scooters and oncoming traffic of course.  This did not seem to phase anyone as they were all still passing, even on the turns not knowing what is around the corner.  We stopped once for chai, and then continued to the Royal Oaks Hotel in Shimla.  We got there around 10 and by that time it was very cold.  To our surprise the rooms were also cold.  Apparently most hotels there do not have central heating and we were offered heaters instead (they were not hot enough though).  Since it was too late to go out and eat we just took out all our snacks and made a "snack buffet" out of one of the tables.  We warmed up with some drinks and went to sleep under very thick blankets.

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